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Sowing the Word In Our Lives

At The Masters Feet-coverIt seems when you’re trying to honor God with your life, a barrage of mishaps can come your way. It can be many different things trying to discourage you from honoring God with your life. When you keep obeying and serving God you can have opposition from Satan. Doing the right things isn’t always easy, but if we keep doing them we’ll be rewarded. God blesses those who honor Him. Life on earth isn’t easy for anyone, but we have to press on.

I have found a way to press on– soaking up God’s Word. God encourages us in His Word to keep sowing good things so that we may reap good things. Sowing good things can be frustrating when you are constantly attacked by Satan or tested by God. Through those attacks or tests, God is purifying us. He wants to know that we won’t take our hand off the plow sowing for His kingdom. He is ridding us of those impurities that are within us.

It’s easy to give up while serving God, but it takes courage to keep sowing good things in our lives and the lives of others. We may not understand why adversity comes our way when we are our obeying our Father, but we can be comforted that He loves us. He desires good for us and He has wonderful plans for us. Many times I become weary while doing good things and I want to give up. I’m so grateful for God’s Word because it encourages me and reminds me that my prize sets before me and I can finish the race.

My desire to write a devotional was to encourage others through God’s Word. It can strengthen our faith and boost our confidence in God. It’s so effective in our lives if we’ll apply it. Soak up the truths God gives us from His Word and be encouraged.

Book Description
Have you ever felt discouraged during a trial? What about feeling lifeless and numb? Have the cares of the world completely overwhelmed you? If this describes your life, then you’re in need of encouragement from God’s Word.

God’s Word is rich in knowledge and wisdom. His greatness is vast and His goodness never ends. There is power in His Word and in soaking it up each day. We can seek refuge and guidance from the Word of God. It is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path. In it, we can find comfort during hardships and exhortations to praise God at all times.

This devotional book provides encouragement in various ways. It examines numerous scriptures in the Old and New Testaments to gain wisdom from above. Some devotions have personal stories to help you relate to the author while showing you that we all have struggles. While we are in the midst of trials and joys, triumphs and defeats, good and bad—we can turn to God’s Word for encouragement. Heather invites Master’s feet, as Mary did, and learn from Him.

Heather_2Mississippi born and raised, Heather Strickland is a stay-at-home wife and mother with a passion to encourage others through writing. God planted this dream of writing a book in her heart when she was a teenager, began to grow it during her early adulthood, and now – with the help of many dear friends – God has made that dream a reality. She enjoys sipping coffee on her front porch, flipping through the pages of a good book, and holding hands with her love. When she isn’t serving her family, Heather blogs regularly at Becoming Titus 2 Women, Laced with Grace, and The Imperfect Wives. But her primary ministry is to her husband and three boys. Not only is Heather crazy about them, they give her an abundance of writing material. Through them, God has molded her and taught her many life lessons. Heather is forever grateful for God’s grace and guidance in her life.

You may contact Heather on Facebook at Becoming Titus 2 Women or email her at the.stricklands06@gmail.com. The book is available on Amazon.com as a printed version or on Kindle.



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  1. Laci Ortiz says:


    Thank you for this book and all you do to share God’s wisdom and love with the world.

    God Blessed and Be Encouraged,

    Laci Ortiz

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