Update on Life & New Hostess for Thankful Thursday

I have been a little quiet. I have been busy with family and my work. Actually I have changed jobs within the last couple of weeks. I still work for the same company, just in a different department. I have been busy training my replacement (not sure if that went well) and I started to learn my new responsibilities.

I also still work on my portrait business, but I guess I am not corky enough to attract new business. Why I am saying that? Well, as I watch other portrait photographers in town, I notice that I dress too conservative (no multicolored socks or funny skirts in my wardrobe…just Converse and a pair of great jeans). I did book a maternity and newborn session for May and June. And I have a pending job for product photography. So, I guess I do book sessions, just not enough to quit my day job…yet!

Also, our son landed an awesome job. Wow – I wish I would have had that kind of pay and perks at his age (almost 29). But then again, I don’t have the education he does. I am very, very happy for our son that all the studying and ‘nerdiness’ finally paid off for him.

On another note, Jenn from Busy Being Blessed has taking over the Thankful Thursday meme that I was blessed to host for 7 years. Please visit her blog “Busy Being Blessed” on Thursday to continue sharing your thankful heart. Jenn created some beautiful new buttons that you can use. Here is one of them:


Now you know why I have been quiet; just busy – nothing special.

Thanks for stopping by today.

In His love,

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4 Responses to “Update on Life & New Hostess for Thankful Thursday”

  1. Bp says:

    Good to hear from you. I’ll have to link up.

  2. Laurie Adams says:

    I know that God is blessing you. Photography is clearly a passion God has given you and a gift as well. I want to personally thank you for allowing me the opportunity many years ago to join with you not only in the ministry of TT but also LWG! Even though the miles have kept us from ever meeting face to face, I feel a kindred friendship with you and I am honored to of been a part of the great TT meme and still a part of the Laced with Grace team. You are awesome! May God shine down on you for your faithfulness and obedience. ((hugs))

  3. While I am sorry to see “Thankful Thursdays” move, I’m sure it will be a blessing for both you and your new host.

    But I do want to put a plug in for your photography!!! Please consider Iris Nelson for your next photo shoot. She did a marvelous job on my portraits which I am using for business and social media. Please check out my “Heart-Filled Moments” blog to see one of the portraits.

    Can anyone think of a creative way I could post them on my blog as publicity for Iris? Please contact me at my blog.

    Blessings Iris as you pursue this new venture in which God has gifted you.

    Janis Van Keuren

  4. millie says:

    I could not find TT post in Jenn’s blog…DOES TT STILL GO ON?

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