My 100 Things

I just hope that I will not bore my dear readers to death. I just wanted to have some fun today and wanted to share with you some facts about me ~ most of them you might already know anyway. So, let us see…

  1. I was born in Salzgitter, Germany…
  2. …but grew up in Bremerhaven – school and all
  3. I was a tomboy
  4. I have many scars to prove it
  5. I played soccer…
  6. …volleyball…
  7. …basketball in school/league
  8. I rode my bike like a maniac
  9. I beat up quite a few boys (defending my little sister)
  10. Which brings me to my siblings
  11. I have one sister
  12. She is totally the opposite of me
  13. She has dark hair and is a little more calm than I am
  14. I am a hyper person
  15. My favorite subject in school was geography
  16. My least ~ English
  17. I visited many countries in Europe growing up
  18. But never visited my favorite one ~ Italy
  19. My dad was a police officer
  20. My mom is the best mom on earth
  21. I have a niece and nephew, who I don’t see very often
  22. I met my Sweetheart when he was stationed in Bremerhaven
  23. We met in a bar a day after his 21st birthday
  24. His blue eyes got my attention
  25. And they still do
  26. We dated for a year and a half
  27. We got engaged on November 13th, 1982
  28. We were married on May 20th, 1983
  29. We didn’t go on a honeymoon right after we were married
  30. But went on our first anniversary to Brussels
  31. We had a great time
  32. But then again, we always have a great time together
  33. We tried to have a child for almost a year and a half
  34. I got pregnant on my birthday, 1984 (yeah – remember that night :wink:)
  35. Our son was born June 11th, 1985
  36. He is way to smart for me
  37. He got his AA degree this past summer
  38. We visited the US in 1987 for the first time (Daniel’s and my first time)
  39. Didn’t think that we would move one day here
  40. Daniel’s first year in school was a nightmare for him
  41. Teachers forbid him to speak one word of German
  42. That really broke my heart
  43. I love the Lord
  44. But it wasn’t always this way
  45. I was quite the wanderer
  46. Like so many of us
  47. I believe that the Bible is the Truth
  48. I work in accounting
  49. But I like to be more creative
  50. I dig photography
  51. Flowers are my favorite subject
  52. They don’t move and I have a better chance getting a good photo
  53. But I also like to take shots of nature
  54. I dream of a red motorcycle
  55. I would like to ride around the country with it
  56. There are many places I want to see
  57. But don’t have the time or money to do so
  58. My favorite spot on earth is San Carlos, Mexico
  59. But I also like the Tuscany
  60. So, it is a toss-up where to retire
  61. Blue is my favorite color
  62. I guess that is why I like the ocean
  63. I enjoy eating seafood
  64. But my favorite cuisine is Italian
  65. I only eat home-made pizza
  66. When ever possible, I add tomatoes to my dish
  67. But I can’t stand tomato sauce
  68. I am a good cook (I think)
  69. But I can’t bake very well
  70. I like cake fruity cakes
  71. But don’t care for ‘German Chocolate Cake’
  72. There is no such thing as ‘German Chocolate Cake’ in Germany
  73. I am addicted to Gummi Bears…
  74. …and cheese…
  75. …and coffee…
  76. I do not like steaks
  77. I do cook steaks for my guys though
  78. I eat too much bread
  79. But my figure has not suffered, yet
  80. I like to wear jeans since I was 11-years-old
  81. But I also like to wear skirts
  82. Skirts make my legs look sexy
  83. But I only like to look sexy for my Sweetheart
  84. My Sweetheart makes me feel like I am 20ish
  85. My body tells me different though
  86. I totally enjoy singing
  87. Especially praise songs in my car
  88. I like to laugh
  89. But I can’t tell jokes
  90. I do not like dishonesty
  91. I can take it when people speak in truth to me in love
  92. Oh, we have two dogs…
  93. …and two cars
  94. I drive very fast
  95. But I am a defensive driver
  96. I never got a ticket, yet
  97. Or in an accident
  98. I don’t believe in luck
  99. I know that everything happens for a reason
  100. Today is my birthday

There is actually a lot more about me to know, but I really don’t want to bore you to death…

The origional post was written on my birthday, September 27th, 2006 :razz:…

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13 Responses to “My 100 Things”

  1. Lynn Donovan says:

    I loved reading this. I am so glad I popped in and had the time for a long visit with you. We share many commonalities. Neat!

  2. Nicky says:

    I really enjoyed reading your “100 Things.” I think I may try this in my journaling. Very creative!

  3. EaglesWings says:

    Hi I enjoyed reading your 100 things….
    I too was a tomboy growing up!
    I got a recipe for a fruit cocktail cake you might like since you like fruity cakes 🙂

  4. Amy Shipp says:

    I just wandered in to your blog & read your 100 things. You sound like very fun and interesting person! Great list, cute hearts. (How do you do that?) 😀 stop by and say hello if you like.

  5. Christie says:

    Thank you for sharing your 100 things…it was fun to read!

  6. Rocks says:

    I enjoyed this..can’t get enough of your entries..I’ll probably be reading your posts the whole night 🙂

  7. Princess says:

    Never thought you are not American, Iris! Neither am I!! But I am sure we are both American citizens (chuckle)

    Enjoyed reading your 100’s. Was actually hoping for another hundred.

  8. Stacy says:

    I loved reading your list! Very neat idea to help us get to know you better.

  9. Fabella says:

    It was a really joy for me to read this. Thanks for it! Very interesting life. Much more than mine *smile*

  10. Esther says:


    I enjoyed reading your “100 Things”. My eyes were stuck till the end. I finished reading it before I realised it was the 100th.

    I also picked up great ideas on how to continue mine. Many thanks to you.

  11. Joan says:


    I just loved that! Your “100 things” were so fun to read. I wasn’t bored at all! (As you thought your readers might be…) Thanks for sharing about yourself. I think I’d really have to think hard to write down 100 interesting things about me…but I may just try someday. But for now, I’ll say…you and I were pregnant at the same time! My son was born, August 31, 1985! (My daughter followed 2 years later.) I was a “semi-tomboy” too…and I don’t care for German Chocolate Cake, either. (My favorite dessert is Creme Brullee!) Oh, and even though I was born in the good ole’ US of A…I just discovered I may also be Canadian! (There was a glitch in the law during the year when I was born regarding children born of naturalized citizens).

    Thanks again…I love your blog!

  12. Monika says:

    My family is German. They moved here right before I was born 1954….a few years ago 🙂 My dream is to be in Germany with others that love the Lord worshiping and praising Him in German. I have family there but not the time or mainly not the money to go there. God willing I will get to some day 🙂 I love your heartfelt 100 things!!! Monika

  13. Paltrow says:

    I loved your list, you sound like you are a lot of fun! Thanks for making me smile. My favorite color is also blue. 🙂

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