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Thankful Thursday ~ Daily Blessings

“Blessed are the people to whom such blessings fall!
Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord!”
~ Psalm 144:15 (ESV)

One of the most peaceful things is the time I spend in the morning and evening with the Lord. What a blessing to sit down in the morning with a cup of coffee, reading devotions and Bible passages. I think I had mentioned last year that I ordered a German devotional and Bible. Oh, it has been so nice to read the Bible again in my mother-tongue. Believe it or not, but sometimes I have to consult my English Bible to make sure I read it correctly – funny how that changed.

One of the daily things I have also added is praying for others. Although I have always prayed for others (family, friends, strangers), but I make it now a daily intentional activity. That is one of the many little daily blessings I am thankful for.

I really enjoy being back on a almost daily blogging schedule. I didn’t realize how much I have missed being blessed by women around the globe. There is so much love, wisdom, laughter, and sometimes sadness other women share. It is such a blessing to be connected to my sisters in Christ. We all have our challenges so the encouragement we give each other is amazing. Thank you for allowing me part of this beautiful community.

What are you thankful for this week? I would love for you to share with a link below. Hopefully you have time to visit a few others this upcoming week.

Thank you for stopping by today. Remember: blessings come in large and small sizes, be thankful for either size 🙂

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33 Responses to “Thankful Thursday ~ Daily Blessings”

  1. Lynn says:

    Oh Iris,

    I give praises right along with you for the powerful Word of God. In fact, I posted about it this TT. I also am deeply thankful for the women I have met through our amazing community of Christian bloggers.

    I am encouraged, loved on, I laugh, cry and grow closer to Jesus. Thank you for sharing your heart with me and always praying for me. I love you with a giant LOVE. Happy TT.

  2. debbie says:

    Iris I just couldn’t agree with you more on both of your blessings. My daily devotional time is a blessing for sure, and the blogging world is one I have learned to truly appreciate. Have a wonderful week. Blessings to you, Debbie

  3. Melanie says:

    Amen, Iris! I couldn’t agree with you more!

    Happy Thankful Thursday!

  4. Denise says:

    I love you my sweet friend, and I too am deeply blessed by the blogging community.

  5. pia says:

    i’m praising God along with you, iris, thanking Him for His daily blessings.

  6. Joan says:


    Thank you for giving me something to think about. We are blessed daily and I don’t often take time to give thanks for those blessings.

  7. Serendipity says:

    Amen! I’m with you here! Many blessings to you!

  8. jo.attalife says:

    Thank you, Iris, for hosting thankful Thursday. This meme is such a blessing to me week after week. May God increase your ministry and personal life.

  9. debi9kids says:

    I too feel truly blessed by the wonderful sisters in Christ I have met in the blogging world.

    I also try to take time each day to remember so many other people in my prayers. It’s good for my soul 🙂

  10. Kristi says:

    I too, have been very blessed by my blogging companions! It’s the only thing that keeps me blogging when I feel like I have to many other things to do. I enjoyed your blog, thanks!

  11. Melonie K. says:

    Well-said! 🙂 I’m thankful for you hosting and sharing this month!

  12. I agree completely. I am blessed by my daily time in the Word, my time in prayer, and my blogging buddies. I am blessed with a husband that understands my enjoyment of blogging as well. 😉 Have a blessed week.

  13. Irene says:

    Hello Iris,
    I am thankful for time spent in the presence of God, too. And I too have to check back and forth Greek/English/Greek to find a meaning that escapes me! Funny, isn’t it?Thank you for hosting. Have a lovely, blessed week ahead.

  14. Holly says:

    I to missed blogging. I became complacent and slothful…. With my prayer life, reading of the word and even reading the encouraging blogs by all of you. I’m thankful that God brought me into your world where so many woman are full of the Holy Spirit and seek to be used by our Father….. So thankful for all of you this morning and praying God bless you in amazing ways…..

  15. Dana says:

    I couldn’t agree more, my time in the morning with the Lord is my favorite part of the day!

    I am also glad to be back blogging, I have missed it! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day.

  16. Tricia says:

    Thanks for hosting us! Spending time with God and praying for others are some of the best blessing we can have… there is nothing like spending time in fellowship with the God who created us and this world we live in! Be blessed!

  17. Laurie says:

    What a great Word today and reminder of the importance of standing in the gap for one another and being an encouragement to others. It is really really hard for me to be the encourager God wants me to be when I have not spent time with Him and received encouragement from His Word and from His Presence! Happy TT!

  18. Martianne says:

    Indeed! I love my morning time, reading His Word, and benefit from it so much. What encouragement and instruction it brings.

    On another note, I wanted to thank you for hosting Thankful Thursday. I am a newcome to it this week and enjoying sharing blessings with others.

    Have a blessed day!

  19. Karen says:

    Oops! I thought TT was being hosted at Spiritually Unequal Marriage! I wondered why Mr. Linky wasn’t on her site. LOL Well, I’m linked up now! 🙂 I’m going back to update my post right now.

    Hope you have a great day!

  20. Kathy C. says:

    Wonderful things to be thankful for. 🙂

  21. Thank you for the reminder Iris. I try to do this daily. I asked for prayers for a friend today as posted on my blog.

  22. Dear Iris, What a sweet and gracious post! I am so thankful with you for these things! Blessings!

  23. Hi Iris! I am rejoining the Thankful Thursday posts and am so glad to be participating again.

    Thank you for the reminder to find God’s blessings in the little things as well as the big. Lifting our eyes to Him makes all the difference, doesn’t it?


  24. skoots1mom says:

    i’m late getting my thanks into your meme…oh well…jumped over from SusanD’s 🙂

  25. Heather says:

    I love coffee and Bible readings in the morning too when I get the chance!! Be blessed!

  26. Linda says:

    I’m thankful you’re back to regular blogging Iris. I enjoy little visits here. More and more I know that it’s the time spent with the Lord that is the most important thing we can do.

  27. Jaime says:

    I couldn’t edit myself so I am #48 and #49 but #48 can be deleted 🙂 I love Thankful Thursday!

  28. Holly says:

    Thank you Iris for hosting the Thanful Thursdays….. I to am blessed by the world of blogging and you mentioned those early mornings with a cup of coffee….. Mmmmm.. my time on a saturday morning with the Lord and being able to sit on the porch swing while the sun is coming up… what a blessing.. Looking forward to some spring weather. Thank you for the reminder of counting our blessing even when they arrive in small size. Hugs,

  29. susan says:

    “Remember: blessings come in large and small sizes, be thankful for either size.”- Amen.

  30. Rocks says:

    I am praising God for every blessings!! HE Is good!! Mine is a late post but still I wanted to participate this week 🙂

  31. Erika says:

    Could you email me were you ordered your German bible so I could order one for my mother.. and pray for her salvation also..


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