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12 Pearls of Christmas: Celebrate

What Really Matters by Dawn Meehan In the hustle and bustle and commercialism of Christmas, take time to remember the real reason why we celebrate – the birth of Christ, our Lord and Saviour. May you all have a blessed Christmas! I had a VERY long day with the kids doing little but fighting. By […]


12 Pearls of Christmas:
Slow Down, Pray & Give Thanks

All Decked Out For Christmas by Maureen Lang One of the reasons so many of us love the holiday season is that it’s just so…pretty! Twinkling lights, shiny ornaments, packages that glisten with bows and fancy wrapping. Our houses are trimmed with wreaths and glowing trees, and the neighborhood lights up the night with strands […]


12 Pearls of Christmas: Wondrous Mystery

Magnificat by Anna Joujan Holy. Holy. Holy is the Lord. The familiar catch of breath. The sting in the eyes. And the tears begin to flow with the falling rain. Or do the tears fall with the flowing rain. What is it in these words that I whisper that wrenches at my heart so? Why […]


12 Pearls of Christmas: Perspective

A Soggy, Jolly, Holly Christmas by Melody Carlson One of my most memorable Christmases started out as a natural disaster. But isn’t that a bit how a pearl is formed? An oyster’s soft easy life is disrupted by the invasion of sand, but something good comes out of it. When I was eight, we experienced […]