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Merry Christmas!

May the peace of the Lord be in your heart this Christmas season… Iris Current Mood: Blessed †


In Search Of…

***Comments now closed*** …Encouragement Scripture passages for the photo-book that I will be releasing in May 2010. The subtitle of the book will be “Encouraged Through His Word”. I would like for you to leave me one of your favorite Scripture passages that encourages you when you have a rough day, week, month. Which Scripture […]


A Plan of Attack (or intentional living?)

I think tonight’s post will go in the category “rambling to myself”… There is so much going on in my head that I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words (like I ever can put my thoughts into words – ha)…But I have to write it out somewhere 🙂 . Several weeks ago, […]


Testing the Market – Bookmarks

I got a little creative — again. Last night I was working on some bookmarks. These bookmarks are a little larger than the ones you can usually buy in bookstores. I have used my photography and added Scriptures passages from the ESV Bible. The first one is my personal favorite bookmark. The Scripture passage is […]