The ABC Tag

Carol at She Lives tagged me with the ABC meme (‘because I know theirs won’t be as boring as mine‘ – I don’t think so) . But I’ll give it a shot anyway…

Accent: What do you think? German of course – you can even hear it from my keyboard :grin:.

Bible Book that I like: Actually I like the Bible from cover to cover, but to just pick one – hm? Ephesians, especially Eph 2:8-10 – 😀

Chore I don’t care for: Let me think about that one – ah – IRONING!

Dog or Cat: Dog – have two of those around.

Essential Electronics: My PC!!!! Wish for a laptop – but have to save up to get one. Hopefully soon.

Favorite Cologne: Anais Anais – nope didn’t have a hick-up, that’s what it is called. I remember when I got it for the first time – 24 years ago from my Sweetheart.

Gold or Silver: Both – I like white gold though, but also wear yellow gold.

Handbag I Carry Most Often: I only have one. I just use it until it falls apart and than buy a new one :grin:.

Insomnia: Me? No way – I usually sleep for 5 hours and I am good to go.

Job Title: Plenty: follower of Christ; wife/lover; mother; friend; employee.

Kid(s): One son (almost 21 – celebrates his birthday on June 11th).

Living Arrangements: My Sweetheart (hubby), one son, two dogs in the suburbs of the Metro Phoenix area.

Most Admirable Trait: I don’t think I have one – maybe my loving kindness.

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: Inviting neighbors for coffee without my mom’s knowledge and beating up the neighborhood boys if they came to close to my sister.

Overnight Hospital Stays: Three surgeries; one child birth; staying several times with my mom when my dad was really sick; stayed with hubby when he had surgery two years ago.

Phobias: Elevators – yup, I really have a hard time using one.

Quote: “I can do everything through him who gives me strength”. ~ Phil 4:13

Religion: I don’t think that I am religous person, but I am a believer in Christ. I believe that He died for all my sins, nailed them to the cross and that I will spend eternity in heaven, because He paid the price with His blood.

Siblings: 1 sister, who is 6,000 miles away, but we do talk once in a while.

Time I Wake Up: 5:30 Mon-Fri, 7:00am on the weekend.

Unusual Talent or Skill: 😀 – I don’t have one, sorry.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Lima beans – yikes.

Worst Habit: I snort when I laugh really hard – it is very annoying.

X-rays: None in the past 2 years – yeah, I know, I need to get a mamogram…just no time for it.

Yummy Stuff I Cook: I try to imitate Rachael Ray’s cooking, because I enjoy her recipes.

Zoo Animal I Like Most: Tigers

I know that I suppose to tag a couple people, but not today. If you do it though, please let me know – I love to visit and read your answers.

To all the mothers who do read my blog:

Happy Mother's Day

10 Responses to “The ABC Tag”

  1. chrixean says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Iris! I like this meme of yours. I think I will try doing this on my next post 🙂 God bless you!!

  2. viamarie says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! May God fill your day with lots of love and happiness.


  3. Carol says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, too! Thanks for playing along.

  4. Sherri says:

    Oh I really enjoyed that one!! I think I’ll try and do it in the next day or two:) Happy Mother’s Day, back:)

  5. Jenn says:

    LOL, Iris! Great meme, I’m going to be doing it today I hope…supposed to be cleaning right now 😉 I hate ironing too!

  6. Beckie says:

    Happy belated Mother’s Day to you Iris! These are great answers. I didn’t get tagged, but Created for His Glory issued an open tag and I’ll be taking it in the next day or two. God bless!

  7. Debi says:

    I just love these little memes/quizzes. I’ve done one.

  8. chrixean says:

    Hey! I answered your meme along with another similar meme (in case you wonder why I posted 2). Check out my answers 🙂

  9. Hey Iris!

    I like to copy Rachael Ray’s recipes too…I watch the show with the internet page open to the recipes she is doing….lol And no lima beans for me either…yuck!

    Hope you’re doing well and enjoying your new job!

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