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Sowing the Word In Our Lives

It seems when you’re trying to honor God with your life, a barrage of mishaps can come your way. It can be many different things trying to discourage you from honoring God with your life. When you keep obeying and serving God you can have opposition from Satan. Doing the right things isn’t always easy, […]


Chocolate paradise and every spiritual blessing
~ Guest Blog

Chocolate surrounded me. Left, right, ahead, and behind. Everywhere I turned, chocolate lay in great mounds. Every shape and size, wrapped and unwrapped, with nuts and without, cream-filled and nougat, round and rectangle. I have dreamed of a chocolate paradise such as this many times, but this wasn’t a dream. This time I stood in […]


Only God Can by Kathy Howard

Please welcome Kathy Howard, Christian speaker, author, Bible teacher, to Grace Alone. Kathy’s brand new book “God’s Truth Revealed” has been released. This book is a wonderful evangelism tool. But read Kathy’s blog below to find out more about “God’s Truth Revealed”. Have you ever tried to convince an atheist that God exists? Or a […]


Overcoming the Fear of Change

Please welcome Karon Phillips Goodman to ‘Grace Alone…’. Karon is the author ‘Unafraid’. To find out more about the book and Karon’s blog-tour, please visit her website: ‘Unafraid – Living God’s plan On a Ladder and a Promise’ and ‘The Great 5-in5 Blog Tour’. The old saying goes that change is the only constant we […]